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Hellenes AS was established in 2002 and has since grown from 4 people at that time to today's team of approximately 40 highly skilled colleagues.

Initially located in an abandoned kindergarten next to the shipyard, taking over an abandoned concrete factory in 2006, leaving a modern office and workshop at the same location in 2012, taking over an abandoned shipyard at the same time and starting the same exercise for the third time, the history proves general commitment and capabilities.

During the first years the main focus was to establish a team that was able to provide a complete package of services related to manufacturing of Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner (TCC) units. In practical terms, it meant competence and capacity within the three areas; automation, electrical and mechanical. These areas combined gives process competence, and this process competence was then applied with success in other industries as well as in Oil & Gas, and Drilling Waste Management, development and manufacture, where this knowldge was obtained.

Knowledge and understanding of renewables such as hydropower, aquaculture and also mining was added to our core competence, to a large degree bringing back revenue in the form of  improved solutions, services and O&G related products to the industry, in need of improving their environmental footprint.