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Innovation Services, R&D Projects

The Hellenes House of Technology approach start by identifying the NEED for a technical solution. Analyzing the need, brings innovation forward through the life cycle phases, such as Manufacture, Operational services and Extended life of the Product or Service provided. If there is truly a need, there is also a market. Our task is to prepare and provide the Client with the best tools for added value and further develop value chains by best serving a defined and true NEED.

Originating from a global, regional or local need, we create or deveop new value chains by finding or optimizing solutions fit for purpose.

We analyze what is the goal and why, then what is the simplest minimum functional means to get there, based on physical constraints, that we first roughly calculate or simulate. Early prototyping, often in full scale, is sometimes the fast track way forward to maximize experience into the final design, when delivery times are crucial to our client’s success.

Our vast multi discipline experience in automation, mechanical and electro is always integrated into the final product, regardless of time project time frame.