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Garbage solution underground

Garbage solution underground

A conceptual study for our customer on how to make a garbage solution underground was started late 2014. In this pre-project Hellenes was asked to create a proposal for solution which the client could use with their existing trucks. The scope was to deliver the pre-project with solution and cost estimate.

In 2015 Hellenes and a secondary was awarded the contract for delivery of a three container system. Our scope is to deliver electrical equipment, hydraulics, lifiting tables and hatches, welding and automation.


Concept study

Functional Design Specification

Mechanical, electrical and automation

Idea-> Solution


2015-09-23 009




A garbage solution underground prototype was installed and commissioned December 2015, in Førde Norway. Follow the link below for a video demonstration – where the mayor of Førde, client and Hellenes AS representatives declare the prototype open for use: