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Hydrogen as an energy carrier

Hydrogen may well become an important energy carrier in the future, substituting non-renewable energy sources. Our own region, Sogn & Fjordane in the western part of Norway has unique natural advantages in this picture.

Hydrogen produced from water – utilizing hydropower or solar based energy sources – is potentially a good and sustainable energy carrier. Sogn & Fjordane has access to vast amounts of hydropower and other solar based energy sources  – at a scale potentially opening sustainable possibilities for hydrogen based value chains. Hydrogen can definitely become a relevant energy carrier for ferry transport and regional land transport needs. Therefore, we see the potential in participating in related value chains both in the short and long term perspective.


Containing significant amounts of energy per weight unit – Hydrogen is well suited as an energy carrier.


Hydrogen can thus be used as an energy carrier – in transportation – such as sea transport and ferries, land transport such as buses or cargo deliveries, as well as in personal vehicles – cars. The greatest restriction for the latter, has been infrastructure limitations – limited tanking options within driving range – and expensive cars, so far. However, the hydrogen network in Europe is growing – and an increasing number of car manufactuers have new models in the pipeline. Volume is, and will be important to make way for increased use of hydrogen.


Hydrogen is also a good option for energy storage – an alternative to batteries,  as batteries still are very expensive – and heavy. So – for applications where there is a minimum of space available, and there is a need for capacity – Hydrogen is worth considering. Potential appliances for storage can be grid stabilization – or off-grid energy storage, that combined with hydrogen generation from renewables represent sustainable energy solutions for the future.

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