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From shaker to disposal - “Hellenes Peace of Mind Drilling" (PoMD)

From shaker to disposal - “Hellenes Peace of Mind Drilling" (PoMD)

Now, a game changing way to look upon Drilling Waste Management (DWM). A simple and effective approach to handle the complete prosess, A-Z, from shaker to disposal. Less power, footprint, volume, less manpower, noise, less spill, less risk, less hazzle. Do it our way – Hellenes Peace of Mind Drilling (HPoMD).

Hellenes has 25 years experience from the complete value chain related to optimized handling and treatment of drilling waste, including developing, manufacturing and operating drilling waste treatment processes.

Significant cost and efficiency gains can be achieved by simplifying and co-ordinating value chain functions. Too often, traditional set-ups involve too many separated solutions, causing operational challenges, high staffing requirements and excessive energy consumption.

Instead, we simplify and integrate proven solutions, adapt capacities,

  • Minimizing staff, using automated processes,
  • Minimizing footprint and volumes
  • Minimizing energy consumption.



“Hellenes Peace of Mind Drilling (PoMD)”.

Our concept is called “Hellenes Peace of Mind drilling (HPoMD)”. HPoMD means you can concentrate on drilling only. Waste treatment should never interfere with drilling operations. PoMD implies simplicity, no excess equipment, process streams are handles once, and right the first time.

Consists of Drilling waste –

  • Transfer System
  • Storage System
  • Processing Unit

The system is:

  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Automated
  • Skid mounted or containerized for onshore and offshore use
  • CE marked and ATEX compliant
  • DNV 2.7-1 and NORSOK compliant

Information can be exchanged under condifentiality. Contact Agnar Hellenes for details, +47 959 22 818,