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Innovation services

Innovation services

The Hellenes Group has human resources, facilities and equipment to share with you, whether you are:

  • Innovative companies
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Research institutions
  • New customers are indeed welcome,

with the shared ambition to develop, prototype or test new technical solutions.


Our shared effort can be arranged to best suit your situation, such as for instance:

  • Solving a specific problem at any level
  • Solving client specific challenges, in discretion (closed off areas, as if inhouse with the client)
  • You may want to come here to solve your own challenges with or without assistance from our people
  • You can get access to test facilities to test your prototype with us,

using own staff/ equipment/ people, or Hellenes resources, facilities or staff as best suitable and agreed.


Please contact us for an open dialogue regarding possible imminent or future co-operation prospects or areas.