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Maintenance and modifications

Maintenance and modifications

The Hellenes Group has the required competencies, the facilities and the equipment to take on large or small maintenance and modification tasks. Our multi-discipline DNA gives us the ability to pin-point the efforts where the functional gain gives the best trade-off between cost and ROI for the equipment as a whole, on a detail level, and across disciplines.

We are continuosly involved in maintenance and modification projects, both on equipment built by us or by our customers, typically including  upgrades related to mechanical functionality and/or automation.


Trust us with your challenge of

  • extending life of equipment,
  • re-build,
  • re-location of equipment, modules, systems
  • modification work,
  • automation of systems,
  • ATEX upgrades.


Ask for an offer or invite us for a survey – Our focus is always best serving your actual need.

We operate world-wide, and come to you where you are.